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Social Media is now the new Ask Jeeves. It has all the answers from “What should I be putting on my skin?” to “Is laser hair removal for me?”. One thing that has really helped us answer these questions are Skin Influencers! 

People that look like you and I that have the same skin concerns, shade and types and that genuinely want to help. Skin is not one size fits all and we don’t think the representation should be that either. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite skincare influencers that has helped us get our skin to a 10.🤩

  1. Uche Natori.

From sharing her open battles with her skin to now having flawless skin we have loved seeing the progression. It’s a 2 in 1 over at her instagram as she teaches us how to create a flawless makeup base. 

  1. Lyds Life

A positive representation of what living life is like. How to control it, what products work best and how to embrace your natural beauty with a skin condition all while looking stunning! 

  1. Iona Francis

Looking out for us in every season. She constantly gives us skin care tips all year around and looks out for us beauty on a budget girls . We heart you Iona! 

  1. Donna Bartoli 

If you are looking for clean girl aesthetic, look no further than Donna because she is going to deliver. Donna shows us that skincare isn’t just that things you put on your skin but also what you put inside you. Donna, our skincare mum.

  1. Skinfiltrator 

The best esthetician! Making sure that black women are receiving the correct information about their skin, dispelling myths and looking good while doing so. Not all hero’s wear capes some just make viral skincare videos and save lives.

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