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Butt acne. An uncomfortable pill that some of us have to swallow. But breathe, it's more common in people than we think. No need to keep scratching your head on how to get rid of it as we talk everything butt acne.

Butt acne can be caused by excessive production of oil in that area. This can be triggered by many factors from your diet to hormones or even stress and genetics. This causes your pores to expand and allow dirt in which eventually clogs your pores and causes butt acne. This can even be triggered by wearing tight clothes, detergent  and even sweat. Butt Acne is not one size fits all, there are many different types of butt acne which all need different types of care.

The most common type of butt acne:

  • Clogged Pores

This usually appears in the form of open and closed comedones also known as blackheads and whiteheads which is typically caused by dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt. This can also be passed down through genetics, They are not as inflamed or painful as other acne and can easily be treated.

  • Folliculitis 

This happens when hair follicles become inflamed and/or infected. They are often red/pink in lighter skin tones and purple or brown in other darker skin tones with a white tip.  This can often mimic whiteheads however the clear difference is the whiteheads come out as a single bump, Folliculitis appear as many bumps close together.  Folliculitis also will have a hair in the middle of the bump. 

  • Keratosis Pilaris

This is a medical condition in which excess keratin builds up in your hair follicles. These appear as red or brown bumps on the bum. This is a very common condition that ultimately boils down to genetics. Even though this condition is incurable, there are ways to calm it down.

  • Laser Hair removal 

Getting laser hair removal can destroy hair follicles and stop the keratin from getting trapped inside. We recommend 6 sessions to stop hair growing in that area.

  • A gentle chemical exfoliant

Chemical exfoliants such as glycolic and lactic acids can help sooth and calm down the apperance of the spots and massage bumps with acid based scrubs once a week.

5 practical steps to treating Butt Acne

  1. Treat butt acne with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid wash
  2. Use an chemical exfoliant.
  3. Wear light, dry clothing fabric to relieve soreness.
  4. Take a shower after sweating.
  5. Avoid being harsh on the bump.

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